Marisol Dahl

Hi, I'm Marisol. 

I believe in: the art of simplicity, the number three, making checklists, independent inquiry, the Oxford comma, intuitive guidance, early mornings, late nights, being well read, and writing well. 

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Where I’ve Been 

I graduated Yale in 2015 with a degree in Sociology and certificate in Education Studies. Since then I have worked in communications, digital marketing, brand & business strategy, and operations & management. I have been honored to work with clients who are breaking new ground in their respective fields of career development, personal development, astrology, writing, design & branding, and identity & culture.

What I Do

I’m a strategist and organizer. My day to day is many things, but ultimately my work is about bringing clarity to areas that feel foggy. Sometimes that looks like revamped internal systems. Other times it looks like straight-talk about who you are and where you’re going. 

What You’ll Find Here

This space documents learnings and musings as I strive to live more intentionally, while reconciling the natural 21st century desires for the modern, the immediate, and the abundant. Projects and writing that explore the flow that comes with strategy, mindfulness, planning, and self-knowing. 

Let’s Begin (Some favorite posts)