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A Post-Election Game Plan

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Three Articles to Read

Because while I have no doubt our President-elect has tapped into the racist and sexist sentiments of some people in this country, that's not the whole story. We have to do better at understanding the over 60 million people who voted for this person. 

Cracked: How Half of America Lost It's F**king Mind

J. D. Vance: Life Outside the Liberal Bubble

New York Times: A ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ Lesson for the Digital Age

Three Ways to Move Forward

Education: Read. Talk to people. Peruse the Facebook feeds of people who do not share your exact views. Lean in to conversations and lines of thought that aren't immediately comfortable. 

Self-care: Let your emotions run through. Don't mind the people who scoff at these "dramatic" reactions. If your body and mind is responding to this election (or any major event for that matter) in a certain way, take time to honor what's happening internally. These feelings and gut reactions are signals of what you need to do next, and how you can best go about recovery to come out stronger. 

Action: I'll hand it over to the people at Man Repeller for this. Post-Election To-Do List: How to Take Action, Donate and Help

Three Things I Know For Sure

1. I feel more patriotic than ever. The day after the election was, for me, a day of solitude and reflection. I felt sad and shocked. It was tough to see the immediate world around me go through this first phase of devastation.

But sometime midmorning I was overcome with a sudden drive to throw myself into my work in service of others.  

My biggest question this week is not, how did this happen? It's: how can I grow to best make a positive impact on other people? 

This is our country, and we collectively decide its narrative. Let's show up in the best way possible. Let's show the ultimate form of love by demonstrating unwavering loyalty as we face some daunting challenges ahead.

On top of that, we can't forget to be proud that we had our first woman nominee from a major party. And she won the popular vote by over two million. #Hillyes

2. We have to give Trump a chance. This is our duty and the courtesy we must afford to our lawfully elected leaders.

He may have won the presidency but we can still hold him to the moral, ethical, social, and political standards that we have expected from all other presidents. We must still expect him to represent the absolute best of America, and nothing less. 

3. This is what change feels like. Progress is almost always punctuated with setbacks. In the pursuit of our ultimate vision for this nation, we have to be willing to take these risks and embrace what comes.