Marisol Dahl

How to Simplify Your Decisions

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According to the paradox of choice, the more options and choices we have, the more we are paralyzed with fear and anxiety of making the wrong decision. We are less happy with the choices we do make if we know there is potential for regret.

Deliberating on decisions for too long is also unproductive and a waste of time.

Embrace opportunities to get rid of "choice excess" and get on with your day. This may be harder to immediately implement, but it's about exposing yourself to less.

How to Simplify Your Decisions

Adopt a signature style. Read Finding a Uniform and Why We Should Wear the Same Thing to Work Every Day for inspiration. And this doesn't just have to apply to clothes—commit to a signature dish for potlucks, a favorite perfume, a go-to hostess gift.

Set rules and boundaries that make sense to you. For instance, dine out only on weekends, or finish one book before starting another.

Hide things. Out of sight, out of mind—in the best way possible. I like to keep my living area (especially my desk) free of as much clutter as possible. I’ll consciously set things out—like a book I want to read, or a piece of mail I need to address—as a strong visual reminder of what my priorities are. You can also do this digitally, like putting your email inbox on snooze, or using an app like Self Control that blocks certain websites for a set period of time.